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North Carolina Junior Miniature Late Model Series(NCJMLMS)
Rules and Regulations


Drivers, crews, guests, visitors, spectators, or others will conduct themselves in a proper manner and anyone displaying physical violence, verbal abuse, threats, etc. toward one another or officials will be subject to disciplinary action including ejection from event. Continual behavior of this manner could result in dismissal from series. Participants actions that are judged as careless, reckless, or heedless actions towards others without consideration for the safety of others will not be tolerated.
If crew conduct issues arise in these junior events, special consideration will be given the junior drivers so that he/she may not be unfairly penalized by actions beyond his/her control by adult crewmembers.

Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy for Drivers and All Participants
It is absolutely prohibited for any driver, crew, official, guests, etc. to consume any alcohol beverages or other controlled substance during the official operating time of an event. It is absolutely prohibited to be in possession of illegal substances at any event. Local laws and track rules will apply.

Environmental Issues
1.All engine fluids must be disposed of in a proper manner. Do not dump, pour, or dispose of any fuels, oils, or cleaning chemicals on the ground.Please dispose of in properly marked containers if available.Do not put hazardous materials in facility trashcans.Do not leave personal containers with such items in your pits when leaving the event.If suitable containers are not available at the track, please take your waste fluids with you and dispose of in a proper manner.
2.Trash: Please be considerate of the facility and your pit neighbors by keeping your pit area clean and your trash placed in the proper trash containers.
Flag Rules and Representations
A.Green Signals start of practice, qualifying, or events.
1.Rolled pointed continue but be alert for possible track problem ahead.
2.Waving individual corner Caution, unsafe condition on track, accident debris, slow car, etc. Hold position and look ahead. Yellows displayed by corner workers may be for that corner only. No passing until you are beyond the danger area and are prepared for a full course caution. Check flag stands and track lights if being used.
3.Full course caution will be given from flag stand with caution lights on (if available). Reduce speed and get into single or double file (as directed by flagman). Do not race back to flag stand. The race will restart when the scorers verify the proper lineup. The race will resume from the last completed lap.
C.Red Use extreme caution track blocked etc. reduce speed immediately and prepare to stop. Follow direction where to stop from officials. Stay in vehicles unless directed otherwise. No work allowed on cars without permission by event director.
D.Solid Black
1.Rolled pointing warning that your driving technique is bordering on disqualification, and if not corrected you will face possible penalties.
2.Warning Driver has been disqualified from practice, qualifying, or race. Safely reduce speed and return to scale area for consultation. Drivers not responding to black flag within two laps may face event disqualification. Special note: It is highly recommended that the competitor number be shown in conjunction with waving black flag to avoid confusion. Scoring for them stops when black flag waves.
E.Crossed Flags Race one half over not mandatory
F.Blue with orange Diagonal You are about to be passed by faster traffic. Go to bottom of racetrack and let faster cars go.
G.White One lap to go.
H.Checkered Signals official finish of practice, qualifying, or race events. Reduce speed and exit track to scale area.
Points System
1st - 100 14th- 54
2nd- 95 15th- 51
3rd - 90 16th- 48
4th 85 17th- 45
5th- 80 18th- 42
6th - 78 19th- 39
7th- 75 20th- 36
8th- 72 21st- 34
9th- 69 22nd- 32
10th- 66 23rd- 30
11th- 63 24th- 28
12th- 60 25th- 26
13th- 57 26th- and below, 25 points

Special Rules

A.All legal entries will receive at least 25 points. A legal entry is a properly licensed competitor that has turned in an event entry blank.
B.In the event of a tie for the end of the year points the
Competitor with the most 1st place finishes will be the winner. If still a tie the most 2nds, 3rds, and so on until the tie is broken.
Starting Method
Unless otherwise specified all race starts will be a flying double file start. Pace vehicle may or may not be used. All drivers must form in their proper position on the warm-up or pace laps. Drivers must remain in position unless mechanical difficulty occurs. In the event a driver drops out due to mechanical difficulty, the balance of the field will move straight ahead. Once the race has begun anyone who has dropped out may only join them when go sign is given by track official that it is safe to enter back into the race.
1.Drivers dropping out of the warm-up or pace lap will not be considered cause for delaying the start.
2.Drivers cannot raise their hand to delay start.
3.Under control of the Flagman the pole vehicle will set the pace for the (one lap to go) pace lap. If problems arise within the field during the event start, the event Director/Flagman can make any changes needed to proceed with a timely start. This shall not be limited to the changing of the front row, placing a competitor in rear of field, going single file start, or reverting to a standing start. This is not protestable.
Age Limitations

1.All drivers at beginning of season must be between ages 10 and 15, birth certificate will be required.
2.If a driver who is 15 at the beginning of the season turns 16 before seasons end, driver may complete racing season, butmay not participate the next year.
3.If a driver is 9 but will turn 10 during the season he may only participate after his 10th birthday.

Dress code for drivers during practice, qualifying, and racing
1.Drivers must wear full racing suits.
2.Drivers must wear full face helmets.
3.Drivers must wear gloves.
4.Racing shoes recommended but not required.
5.Headrest recommended but not required.

Cars running in NCJMLMS must be those built by Corbetts Miniature Motorsports (CMM). This is so that all cars will be equal and each driver will have same advantage as others.
All engines come from one shop. Same person builds all engines.

All engines were built the same according to print. All engines have stronger connecting rod bolts, rod clearance, fel-pro rings for engine life. Owners of all motors are permitted to change jets in carburetors or install new kits. Also allowed to adjust valves when needed. Must keep stock valves. No reinforced rocker arms can be used. No soaked tires. (Random checks will be made). CMM recommends using 15 w40 synthetic oil in these engines. All cars will be required to go through a safety and technical inspection before going on track.
Inspection for safety will include:
1.Bolts and nuts
2.Cotter pins
3.Seat belts
5.Throttle return springs and linkage.
6.Fuel lines which are required to be attached with wire ties or wire.
Technical inspection includes:
1.Riding Height 1 1/2 in. min low w/ 2 1/4 in. min height on left side only.
2.Wheel base 59 1/2 in. min. 60 1/2 in. max.
3.Wheel width Wheels must not stick out past fenders.
4.Body must not hang lower than chassis. This includes front nose.
5.Weight 600 lbs min. including driver. 58% max left side weight. (If any weight has to be added, must be added to chassis, not bumpers or any moving components).
6.Sponsors of series logos must be placed on left and right front fenders. Logos must be present before inspection is complete.
7.Once car has completed safety and technical inspection a colored dot will be placed on top center of windshield. Without dot, car will not be allowed to practice or race.

Drivers meeting:
After practice all drivers will be required to attend drivers meeting with one parent or guardian present. Meetings will be held at Corbetts Miniature Motorsports trailer located in the pits. This meeting does not include the track officials meeting. That will be a separate meeting.

At beginning of heat race or main race, all cars fuel tanks are required to be completely full. 45 minutes prior to race, all cars are to line up in starting position on the grid for fuel pumparound.No work will be allowed on cars after this point unless supervised by junior motorsport official.When time for race to begin, only driver and one crewmember allowed around car.After main race all cars that take checkered flag are required to go the weight scales located at Corbetts Miniature Motorsports trailer to be checked for proper weight in order to collect points.Points will not be received if not weighed in except for those who DNF.All drivers must remain in car until weight check is complete.There will be no fuel added before going to scales.Be sure to allow for this before race because fuel weighs approximately 5 lbs.
The top 5 cars will be impounded for engine checks and chassis check.Engines will be checked with no-go plugs for carburetors and also seals located on base cover, head, and side cover.If any seals are found broken CMM will confiscate motor to have inspected.If engine is found legal, the owner of motor will receive it back with new seal replacements.Owner will be required to pay for seal replacements.If engine is found illegal, the motor will be confiscated permanently.If a motor is confiscated by CMM for inspection, all points and purse will be on hold until motor is checked. If the same driver wins two races in a row, he/she will be required to start at the tail end of the next race. If a car is caught illegal three times during season, it will be dismissed for the year.
During any practice or race there will be no rough driving. If there is, the driver perpetrating the rough driving will be black-flagged.If black-flagged, the driver must report to the scales.The junior officials and parent will consult with them there.


The rules and or regulations contained in this document have been prepared to establish a base for orderly and fair motor sports competition at NCJMLMS events.It is the responsibility of all members, competitors, officials, track operators, and others to read and understand the contents of this rulebook.
These rules and regulations establish minimum acceptable standards for NCJMLMS events.Rule change bulletins will be issued to advise participants and involved persons of any changes, which are being added to current rules due to safety, technical, or competition reasons.Except for safety issues requiring immediate action, those bulletins will be done in a proper time period for participants notification and implementation.It is advised that any new product, part, material, system device, design change, etc. be submitted to the NCJMLMS officials before attempting competition at NCJMLMS events.Any radical, experimental, or out of the sports normal and current standards may not be legal at the event without prior approval.Decisions are the event officials are final until a proper investigation can be made and the NCJMLMS officials can make a proper consideration.