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North Carolina Junior Miniature Late Model Series(NCJMLMS)
Mission Statement and Purpose

Mission Statement
Family Fun and Speed

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the NCJMLMS is to establish a professionally managed motorsports series dedicated to the advancement of miniature motorsports in North Carolina. NCJMLMS has been founded to serve its business partners and track affiliates while providing future
Development for small engine motor sports as it moves into this century. Our main commitment is toward development of a family and youth motor sports racing program and help bring continuity to small engine racing programs.

Some of the areas of focus are: Cost effective racing, training new drivers, safety techniques and procedures, fairness and equality for all participants, and establishing professional event management. NCJMLMS officials will be focusing on promoting through advertisement to the general public to ensure the growth and expansion of the series.


No expressed or implied guarantee of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and regulations.Competition motor sports is hazardous and there is no warranty. No expressed or implied guarantee of safety shall result from against injury or death to competitors officials, workers, guests, visitors, or others at NCJMLMS events.Each participant in competition has the responsibility to assess the safety aspects and condition of the facilities and assume the risk of competition.